Supply Lists: skip the lines, save money on back-to-school supplies, and give back to your child’s classroom

We know. We know. This school year isn’t even finished and we’re already talking about next year. But we just couldn’t wait — we had to let you know about a new ClassTag feature we’ve been working hard on just for you.

New for the 2019-2020 school year, ClassTag is thrilled to announce School Supply Lists. Our lists are your one-stop spot for back-to-school shopping. Forget multiple trips to different stores trying to chase down the best prices. Now you can get everything on your child’s list with 1-click all from the comfort of your own home.

Shop top brands like Crayola, Elmer’s, Clorox, Under Armour, Pilot, Zipit, PaperMate and more! Since the list comes straight from your child’s teacher, you’ll be sure you’re buying exactly what your child needs and not one pencil or glue stick more. With the flexibility to switch colors or sizes as well as remove supplies you already have, our supply lists allow you to compare prices from your favorite online retailers to make sure you’re not overpaying for any supplies

And it gets even better — as you shop, you’ll be earning free supplies and equipment for your child’s classroom through ClassTag Rewards.

With ClassTag’s Supply Lists, skip the crowded stores, save money on school supplies, and give back to your child’s classroom. There’s no reason to shop any other way this back-to-school season.


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