Finally, An Innovative Solution to Your School Supply Woes

It’s every parents’ struggle — keeping all things school related nicely organized from home to school — and back again. 

You do your part each morning, but it’s not working. As you wave goodbye, every paper is stacked, every pencil is snug, and every snack is tucked safe and secure. 

Fast forward six hours.

Your child’s backpack returns home a half-zipped, disheveled mess of papers, pencil shavings, and crumbs. Then the whole ordeal starts again.

This back-to-school season, meet ZIPIT®with over 20 millions of pencil cases in the hands of many happy customers in more than 60 countries, the imaginative bags-and-cases company is ready to solve your school supply woes. 

Fresh Products that Foster Smiles 

Founded on principles of originality and creativity, ZIPIT’s unique pencil cases and pouches not only keep those shifty supplies in place, but they also bring smiles with their zany designs, durable materials, and affordable price point.

Innovative Designs

Born from the desire to create an original brand in a generally uninspiring mass market, ZIPIT creates products that are smart, colorful, and imaginative. 

The quirky designs cater to your child’s style whether he or she prefers eye-catching metallic, out-of-this-world aliens, furry unicorns, or googly-eyed monsters. The Zipper case, made entirely of one long zipper, showcases what happens when you infuse an everyday item with a fresh dose of thought, creativity, and innovation.

Use the cases and pouches to store pens and pencils, cosmetics, cell phones, cell phone accessories, money, and more.

High-Quality Materials

Every ZIPIT pouch is manufactured with washable materials designed to withstand the daily commute. Each item is also put through a 6-stage quality assurance program before it is delivered to you. 

The folks at ZIPIT are so confident in their products they are pleased to offer a lifetime warranty on all purchases. Simply register your purchase on their website, and you’re completely covered against any manufacturer’s defects. 

Affordable Prices 

With a price tag that’s easy on the wallet, making a statement in the classroom doesn’t have to break the bank. The ZIPIT Zipper pencil case is priced below $10 and perfect for keeping those hands busy on the ride to and from school. 

Back-to-School Savings 

This back-to-school season, kick those backpack blues to the curb with fun and creative pencil cases and pouches from ZIPIT — and don’t let those back-to-school discounts zip by. Use promo code CLASST15 for an additional 15% off your purchase. 

ZIPIT® is a proud sponsor of ClassTag classrooms this back-to-school season, donating funds that will help pay for essential classroom supplies and activities for tens of thousands of students across the country.


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