8 Seasonal DIY Projects for Parents Who Aren’t Crafty or Creative

Pinterest and Facebook light up this time of year with DIY projects and crafts.

Promising simple and budget-friendly ideas for home decor and gifts, those of us who aren’t crafty or creative get left behind in a dust storm of beads, buttons, and glitter.

Wanna know a secret?

Those parents pinning successful projects on Pinterest have one thing in common — just like your grandpa used to say, they have the right tools for the job.

When it comes to DIY home projects, having the right tools is often the difference between success and failure.

The Right Tools for the Job

If you’re not crafty, but eager to stretch your DIY muscles this holiday season, investing in a quality printer equips even the most craft-challenged parent with intuitive tools for the journey to DIY bliss.

HP all-in-one printers are designed for those who want an at-home device capable of printing everything from documents, email and web pages to rich and bright photos – with copy and scan tools too.

Or create as you go with the portable and compact HP Sprocket printer. It not only makes an awesome gift but puts eye-catching crafts within reach with the press of a few buttons (and – there are no pricey ink cartridges to buy).

With the right tools, you can create amazing projects together as a family. To help get you started, here are 8 DIY projects to tackle with your at-home or portable printer.

Projects for the Holidays

With December fast approaching, check out these quick gift projects ready to help you and your family welcome the holiday season.

DIY Framed Photo Collage

Family photographs are an ideal gift for grandparents and close family. With kids growing and changing so fast, keeping photos up-to-date has never been easier with the HP Sprocket.

Printing 2×3 inch photos straight from your social media feed or your smartphone’s camera roll, gifts for the family will be done with just a few swipes and clicks.

A collage frame with multiple 2×3 openings (available online or at your nearby dollar store) makes assembly a cinch. With options to add filters, frames, stickers, text, emojis, or crop your image, your photo collage will be as unique as your family.

Holiday Photo Gift Tags

Say goodbye to fussy gift bows and tiny gift tags. Personalize every gift with photo tags — simply choose a pic, print, and place for a thoughtful touch on every gift.

The HP Sprocket and sticky-backed photo paper, eliminate the need for tape and gift tags.

(If only those presents would wrap themselves!)

Photo Magnets

An ideal gift for those with limited space, these photo magnets are practical, personal, and make a memorable gift.

A few ideas to get your non-creative juices flowing:

  • Create 12 magnets – one for each month for your 1-year old’s life.
  • Make “special day” magnets for the family calendar representing birthdays, anniversaries, vacation days, or appointments.
  • Foster learning at the fridge. Print photos for each family member and build a family tree right on the refrigerator — especially helpful for your child to learn out-of-town family.

Projects for the Home

A quality home printer makes home organization look, well — organized. You’ll be motivated to clean out toys and set up a new chore system with these DIY projects for the home.

Organize All Those Toys

After the presents are opened and the tree put away, you’ll be left with dozens of reminders of the whirlwind that just tore thru your home — toys. And lots of them. Have a plan in place before the holidays hit to keep things running smoothly.

A few tips for staying on top of the toy explosion:

  • Clean out toys in early December. Preferably while your child is at school or asleep, do a quick clean out of your child’s current toys. Make two piles: Throw Away and Give Away. Be ruthless! Chances are they won’t even notice what you’ve cleaned out and it’s a chance to pass on gently used toys to another child.
  • Purchase storage bins and containers. During the holidays, storage bins and containers are always on sale for decluttering and storing holiday decorations. Be on the lookout and grab a few in different sizes – keeping in mind the toys you’ve purchased. Having a designated place for toys (and the thousands of pieces most of them come with) is a key part of battling the toy takeover.
  • Make clean up easy. The HP Sprocket is your new best friend when it comes to clean up. Perfect even for pre-readers, use your portable printer to label those bins and containers with snapshots of toys. It’s also an awesome way to sneak in some sorting and matching activities for your active preschooler.
DIY Magnetic Chore Chart

If your New Year’s resolution includes sharing the load of family chores, you’re going to need an easy way to manage the daily tasks.

Ring in the new year with these tips for managing family chores:

  • Inspect what you expect. No household runs on auto-pilot. If you want to make sure chores are getting done, inspect the chores you’ve assigned and be sure to hand out high-fives for jobs well done.
  • Make a chore chart. Next to looking over chores, you’re going to need an easily accessible chore chart. This magnetic chore chart makes switching chores around a breeze. Your HP all-in-one printer adds a pop of color and attractive graphics make it suitable for everyday display.

Projects for Celebrations

Use your printer all year long to save time and money while adding your personal touch to every family celebration.

DIY Thankful Tree

Have a crowd headed your way for the holidays?

Greet guests, old and new, with a DIY Thankful Tree. A perfect centerpiece for the dinner table, your guests will know they’re welcomed and loved.

With the HP Sprocket, print out perfectly-sized pictures of your guests, your pets, or highlights of the previous year. For an added sentiment, include loved ones who couldn’t make it or those who have passed away.

Photo Birthday Bunting

Keep birthday decorations budget-friendly as you create a custom photo bunting with your HP Sprocket. Whether a first or fiftieth birthday (or even a baby shower), add a signature touch to any upcoming celebration.

Theme Park Shirts

If you’re planning a trip to a theme park in 2019, you can save your pennies for mouse-shaped waffles and princess souvenirs. Your HP all-in-one printer and HP iron-on transfers are all you need to create matching theme park shirts.

Do at home what would cost hundreds to order online. The printer pays for itself in this one project! With unlimited options for customization, you’ll be magically dressed in the happiest place on earth.

No Glitter Required

If you cringe at all things creative, you’re not alone.

But maybe you’re not as craft-challenged as you think. You just need the right tools. With a quality printer and a little bit of time, you’ll be amazed at what you can do — no beads, buttons, or glitter required.

HP is supporting ClassTag classrooms this season, donating funds that will help pay for essential classroom supplies and activities for tens of thousands of students across the country.

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