Keep Calm and Encourage On: 3 Steps to Help Your Struggling Learner (That You’re Probably Already Doing)

It started as a fleeting thought earlier this fall — a comment on an assignment or a lighthearted remark at a class party. But now, you see more clearly. Your child is struggling — at school. Maybe it’s the fast-paced learning style of a new grade or the challenges that come with a classroom of new friends. Or maybe, while…

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ClassTag Parents: Enter to Win an HP Sprocket Photo Printer

A recent review calls the HP Sprocket Photo Printer the “coolest thing to happen to photos in a very long time.” We think you’ll totally agree. While cameras capable of instantly printing photos have been around for decades, modern technology, social media integration, and user-friendly features make now the perfect time to enter to win the HP Sprocket Photo Printer.…

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This Teacher-approved, Budget-friendly Laptop Can Help Your Child Learn

There are a few basic things that every child needs in order to make the learning effective and engaging. They need a tool to stay organized, a resource to learn and a system that helps them stay connected with other students and teachers. A Chromebook does all this and more, which is why it has soared in popularity as a…

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