5 Ways to Protect Your Child From Digital Threats

Does your child spend a lot of time interacting with digital devices? For most parents, the answer is a resounding “yes!”, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing! Cellphones and tablets give your child a window to the world, a way to communicate, pursue their interests and express themselves. Still, as a parent, it’s your task to keep your child safe in…

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5 Tips for Keeping Kids Sun-Safe This Summer, Even if They Hate Sunscreen

Looking forward to a well-deserved break in the sun this summer? There are better ways to spend your holidays than chasing your kids around with sunscreen! Here’s how to keep your child sun-safe this season, easy-breezy! 1. Explain rather than force The chore of slathering on sunscreen will be easier once your child understands why sun protection is important. There are…

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