Extracurricular Activities: Necessary for Success or Burdens to Bear?

When your child was little, afternoon activities were oh-so-simple — nice long naps, leisurely strolls in the park, and spontaneous playdates with nearby friends. Every day was a hazy Christopher-Robin-esque adventure filled with the whims and wishes of childhood. Now that your little one is well — not so little — afternoon activities threaten to take over your family’s schedule…

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Making the KonMari Method™ Work for Busy Parents

Has the KonMari Method craze hit your home? If you’ve watched anything on Netflix this year, you’ve seen the wildly popular show with Japanese organizational expert, Marie Kondo. A hybrid mish-mash of the sugary-sweet expert’s name, the KonMari Method has families across the country pouring over dusty books, little league trophies, out-of-style sweaters, and collectible knickknacks. The show, Tidying Up,…

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8 Seasonal DIY Projects for Parents Who Aren’t Crafty or Creative

Pinterest and Facebook light up this time of year with DIY projects and crafts. Promising simple and budget-friendly ideas for home decor and gifts, those of us who aren’t crafty or creative get left behind in a dust storm of beads, buttons, and glitter. Wanna know a secret? Those parents pinning successful projects on Pinterest have one thing in common…

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